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I have Proof Lagos Girls Love Pleasure Toys

Lagos Girls Love Pleasure Toys


Lagos Girls Love Pleasure Toys [ Dildo, Body Shapers…]

Don’t worry this is not x-rated and you don’t need to be an adult to read this.

Haha. O ook! Straight to the meat of the matter and without mincing words, you know how Nigerians love to shop online for everything including personal pleasure items – there is a record for all those purchase habits albeit confidential. No one company will ever hand the details of its buyers to a third party without consent.

HOWEVER, at long last, I found an interactive map that I can easily refer to whenever I want to tease my Ikeja babe. So Lagos girls love pleasure toys too? Little wonder some of them care more about men these days.

Well, with this map, and only few clicks, you can have an idea of what most people – both male and female buy online across the 36 states in Nigeria.

You will surely be amazed and inspired. So…

Why the inventory map?

It’s for your information and for fun – simply put.

This would also help aspiring online sellers to have an idea of  what Nigerians are buying online.

On a lighter note, you know it is often said that what is permissible in one culture may not be ‘okay’ in another culture. We know for instance that in some parts of Nigeria dog meat is a norm while it may be  a taboo in some other.

We grew up to learn  this way of life from our environment via word of the mouth and what we some of us have personally witnessed from incidences.

This engaging and interactive map does not depend on word of the mouth or myth, but it’s a result of sales data generated from Kaymu – an online marketplace in Nigeria.

What are Nigerians Buying Online Right Now?

I thought underwear was a woman thing until I traveled to Zamfara state on this inventory map only to realise that it’s actually one of the frequently purchased men’s item online. Surprisingly their women just wanna to ‘sleep, sleep, sleep’ hehehe not necessarily though but they purchase sleepwears the most.

Nigerians just love to shop online for convenience sake from cars, underwears, phones, even to foodstuff.

How Will I Go About It?

Lagos Girls Love Pleasure

If you want to know what Nigerians are buying online, easy does it.

  • Select the ‘male’ or ‘female’ from the drop down menu under discover buying trends in your area.
  • Mouse over the maps. With one click, select a state of choice
  • See a pop up of the most purchased items in that state

To check another state, close the pop up menu and repeat the steps again.

Do you find this interesting enough to share?

Please ensure you share with friends…Have info, have fun!



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